Read what my clients are saying about me!

@Jerry was awesome!!! He checked out some options for our supplement and also the drug program. His help was outstanding and saved me $$. I have never encountered an insurance agent as helpful or as honest as Jerry. 5stars to him!!!

Michael S.

When you are so totally confused with options and you realize time is running out because of your indecision - it's so nice to have someone simplify it with regular everyday English.

Debra R.

He was knowledgeable about the different companies and programs. Listened to me and advised me exactly as I wanted and needed. Pleasant, very attentive and thorough in his explanations . Helped me every step of the way.

Sandra T.

Gerry had been great!!!

Sandra B.

Jerry was patient, thoroughly explained the details, was very informative as well as kind and professional throughout the whole process.

Jesus O.

Amazed by the wealth of information that Gerard Mollo shared about the Medicare options available, which greatly helped to ease the enrollment process. Highly recommended for all your Medicare needs!!!

Marla L.

Jerry was so easy to understand and he explained things that no other agent had bothered to explain.

Marsha A.

The agent, Mr. Gerard Mollo quickly took my call and answered the questions that I had. I was able to complete my paperwork with ease. I have worked with him for several years and will continue in the future.

Mary B.

He answered all my questions and he knew what he was talking about.

Steven W.

Jerry has outstanding knowledge in all medicare information, great customer service skills and is very professional!!

Connie F.

Knowledgeable, friendly, takes the time to explain.

Evelyn G.

Appreciate Jerry being open & honest, and once providing me with the numbers, letting me make my own decision.

Tina G.

Gerard is very helpful, friendly and always available. He is a real asset to Connie Health.

John L.

Takes all the time in the world
Thorough explanations .

Leon Q.

Gerard Mollo is extremely personable and very informed in the ins and outs of Medicare coverage. He made our experience so much easier as Medicare shoppers.

Stuart L.

Jerry is always pleasant, knowledgeable and caring. He's not there to just take an order. We never feel like he is "selling" us something. He does a fantastic job and highly recommended to everyone! He cares about you and that is reflective in his presentation, demeanor and style. He's the BEST!

Edith W.

Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, accessable, and a really good guy!!

Bradley W.

Jerry is extremely knowledgeable and makes the whole process easy and painless. Last year I turned 65 and was nervous about making the right decisions on both my supplemental Medicare decision and my drug plan. After we finished I was confident I had the absolute right plans for me. This year we reviewed everything and made one change that will keep me in a safe place while continuing to save me money. I feel safe working with Jerry.

Maria M.

Patient ,clear, respectable and knowledgeable.

Johnny P.

Gerry was patient, unfailingly helpful and honest every step of the way. A truly honorable man, Gerry Mollo is exactly what one needs in an insurance agent, and what the insurance industry needs in a representative and as a patient/member advocate.

Marilu N.

Everything explained in an easy to understand way.

Lora W.

Was very responsive to my questions and concerns.

Vernon H.

He found me a better plan and explained all the benefits, and checked all my meds, and Doctors to make sure they were on board. biggest reason was Jerry explained to my wife every aspect of the plan and how to use them, he was very patient and understanding of all her questions.